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Contents 2011;61(4):317-432

Invited reviews
  The status of surgical oncology in Poland: the 2010 perspective
K. Herman
  Target volume definition with 18F-FDG PET-CT in radiotherapy treatment planning
K. J. Carson, G. G. Hanna, A. R. Hounsell
Original articles
  Number of patients with diagnosed malignant diseases in Poland in 2006 – 5-year prevalence
J. Didkowska, U. Wojciechowska
  Concomitant radiochemotherapy for larynx preservation treatment in patients with locoregionally advanced squamous cell hypopharyngeal cancer
D. Kiprian, A. Kawecki, A. Jarząbski, W. Michalski
  Epidemiologic analysis of melanoma patients treated in the Warmia and Mazury Oncological Center in Olsztyn between 1996 and 2007
G. Kuciel-Lisieska, J. Godlewski, S. Lisieska-Tyszko, A. Lachowski, G. Licznerska
  Regional Comprehensive Cancer Centers in Poland as reference units improving prognosis in cancer patients – example of the Lower Silesian Cancer Comprehensive Center in Wroclaw
M. Bębenek, T. Sędziak, B. Kapturkiewicz, J. Błaszczyk
  Clinical value of serum immunoglobulin free light chain quantification in multiple myeloma
M. Kraj, B. Kruk, R. Pogłód
Case report
  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma as a secondary malignancy in a 9-year old boy after previous therapy for chondrosarcoma – a case report
O. Zając-Spychała, K. Derwich, K. Mazur-Melewska, J. Wachowiak
Review articles
  Review articles Current status and perspectives of treatment of disseminated melanoma
M. Skórzewska, E. Stępak, W. P. Polkowski
  Hyaluronan in cancer – pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy perspectives
M. S. Karbownik, J. Z. Nowak
Nowotwory interview:
  Prof. Krzysztof Herman – State Consultant for Surgical Oncology 396
  10 years after the discovery of radium: a 1908 report in the Technical World Magazine
R. F. Mould
Oncology in the Internet
  Oncology in the Internet Website of the Polish Oncological Society
W. M. Wysocki
Reports 406
Book received 414
Current events in Polish oncology 417
Journal Club 424
Announcements 430

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