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Contents 2009;59(4):120_156e

Invited article
  Sentinel node in colon cancer
B. Andreoni, C. Crosta, A. Chiappa, P. P. Bianchi, A. Sonzogni, P. Misitano, C. Corbellini, C. Senore, U. Veronesi
Original articles
  Long-term results of endoscopic balloon dilatation
of lower GI tract strictures in Crohn’s disease

K. Stienecker, D. Gleichmann, U. Neumayer, J. Glaser, C. Tonus
  Genetic screening for breast and ovary cancer predisposition
in the Warmia and Mazury region of Poland in the year 2007

J. Turek, P. Brzuzan, M. Woźny
  Patients’ opinions about the paternalistic model
in the doctor-patient relationship.
Legal aspects of the patients’ autonomy in health care

K. Wroński, R. Bocian, A. Depta, J. Cywiński, A. Dziki
Surgical technique
  The use of perforator free flaps (DIEP, SGAP) in bilateral
breast reconstruction after different types of mastectomy.
Cases presentation

A. Maciejewski, M. Dobrut, R. Szumniak, J. Wierzgoń, S. Półtorak, M. Grajek
Case report
  Lambda light chain disease associated with myelomatous
pericardial and pleural effusion

G. Helbig, A. Wieczorkiewicz, J. Dziaczkowska-Suszek, S. Krzemień
Historia medicinae
  The roller coaster price of radium
J. O. Lubenau, R. F. Mould
Letter to the Editor
  Radium collars
R. Van Tiggelen

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