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Contents 2008;58(5):193e-220e

Invited article
  Polonium: 110th anniversary of its discovery
R.F. Mould
Original articles
  The efficacy and tolerance of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in gastric cancer - a preliminary report
S. Ochenduszko, M. Chłosta, J. Pawlęga
  Treatment options in patients with small-cell lung cancer and brain metastases
B. Sas-Korczyńska, E. Łuczyńska, S. Korzeniowski
  Identification rate, failure rate, false-negative rate and sensitivity of sentinel node biopsies performed in 292 skin melanoma patients
D. Nejc, J. Piekarski, P. Pluta, G Pasz-Walczak, P. Sęk, A. Bilski, A. Durczyński, A. Berner, J. Chałubińska, A. Jeziorski
  What are the questions that patients with early-stage prostate cancer want to ask before decision making?
A. Heyda, M. Gawkowska-Suwińska, D. Feldman-Stewart, S. Brennenstuhl
Short communication
  Improving patient positioning accuracy for breast cancer radiation therapy by using the infra red based ExacTrac system
Á. Gulybán, E. Hortobágyi, Z. Sebestyén, P. Kovács, G Liposits, R. Farkas, K. Hideghéty, L. Mangel, O. Ésik
Case report
  Granular cell tumor of the breast - a case report
K. Wardzyńska, E. Wesołowska, J. Barańsk

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