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Contents 2007;57(6):259e-307e

Invited article
  International cooperation in breast cancer research
R. Orda
Original articles
  Definitive radiation therapy management for medically non-resectable clinically localised non-small cell lung cancer: results & prognostic factors
E. Yu, P. Tai, R. Ash, M. Lee, L. Stitt, G. Rodrigues, R. Dar, M. Vincent, R. Inculet, R. Malthaner
  Preliminary analysis of utility of the cardiac biomarker NT-proBNP
in assessing the cardiotoxicity of adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy in breast cancer patients

J. Gałecki, J. Kamińska, Z. Miśkiewicz, M. Kowalska, A. Siedlecka,
M. Grudzień-Kowalska, J. Hicer-Grzenkowicz, W. Michalski
  The clinical value of the time interval between neoadjuvant radiotherapy 25 Gy and surgery in the treatment of rectal cancer
P. Richter, R. Pach, T. Kowalska, J. Pawlęga, J. Kulig, T. Popiela
  Analysis of concentration of cytokines TNFα and IL-10 secreted
by peripheral blood lymphocytes T under influence of the tumor cells presence in patients with squamous cell laryngeal carcinoma

K. Starska, M. Łukomski, E. Głowacka
  Prognostic factors for the risk of treatment failure following primary mastectomy in breast cancer patients
B. Radecka, R. Dziadziuszko, K. Drosik, B. Dedyk-Drosik, M. Szwiec, E. Szutowicz, J. Jassem
  Self-reported physical activity and the risk of breast cancer
J. Kruk
Short communications
  Partial breast irradiation with interstitial high dose-rate brachytherapy: acute and late toxicities & cosmetic results
M. Mignogna, A. Marconi, D. Francesconi, E. Lorenzini, M. Quattrocchi, F. Ducci
  Assessment of the efficacy of the Fletcher-Williamson shielded gynaecological applicator
C.Y. Cheng
Case reports
  Metastasis of renal clear cell carcinoma to the thyroid gland 20 years after nephrectomy – a case report
K. Kaliszewski, T. Łukieńczuk, W. Bednarz, M. Rzeszutko,
Z. Krawczyk, J. Dawiskiba
  Invasive ductal carcinoma within phyllodes tumor of the breast –
a case report

I. Gisterek, P. Ziółkowski, M. Ochman, A. Łacko, R. Matkowski,
J. Kornafel

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