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Contents 2007;57(3):93e-138e

Invited articles
  Prevention of venous thromboembolism in surgical cancer patients
D. Bergqvist
Original papers
  Serum sIL-2Rα, sTNF RI i sTNF RII concentrations in patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
M. Kowalska, J. Kamińska, M. Fuksiewicz, B. Kotowicz, A. Siedlecka, J. Tajer, J. Walewski
  Galectin-3 expression in nodular diseases of thyroid
K. Kaliszewski, M. Rzeszutko, T. Łukieńczuk
  Mitomycin, ifosfamide, and cisplatin (MIC) regimen in patients with NSCLC in stages IIIB and IV
R. Ramlau, Ł. Spychalski, J. Kuczek, E. Marcinkowska-Kania
  Local excision of rectum tumors – an alternative for extensive abdominal operations (LAR, APR)
J. Śmigielski, P. Ziemniak, M. Hedayati1, K. Janowski, K. Kołomecki, A. Dziki
  Analysis of abscesses after splenectomy performed during surgical treatment of gastric and cardia cancer
M. Szpakowski, A. Szawłowski, T. Olesiński, M. Talarek, D. Król, J. Albiński, P. Saramak, K. Jeziorski
Short communications
  Multisegmented radiation therapy as an alternative to 3D conformal radiation therapy, with special reference to breast cancer tangential fields
A. Gulyban, P. Kovacs, R. Farkas, Z. Sebestyen, K. Derczy, K. Hideghety, O. Esik
  Role of the clinical professional in the radiotherapy medical devices industry
C. Stoyanoff
Case report
  A case of bilateral synchronous male breast cancer
B. Hofman, D. Jajtner, D. Mańka, E. Chudyba, T. Leśniak
Historia medicinae
  Proposals for radium therapy in 1903
R.F. Mould, F.S. Litten, G. Bruggmoser, J.N. Aronowitz

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