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Contents 2005;55(4):287-356

Invited article
  The importance of hypoxia & hypofractionation for CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery
E. Lartigau, P. Levendag
Original papers
  Failures of breast conserving treatment in patients with early breast cancer
Z. Jodkiewicz, A. Skowrońska-Gardas
  Evaluation of the urinary nuclear matrix protein (NMP22) as a tumour marker in bladder cancer patients
M. Kowalska, J. Kamińska, B. Kotowicz, M. Fuksiewicz, A. Rysińska, T. Demkow, T. Kalinowski
  The value of mammographic examination of the excised sample after open biopsy for the estimation of the surgical margins
E. Łuczyńska
  EWS/FLI-1 and EWS/ERG fusion genes in Ewing family tumours of children and adolescents
A. Reich, B. Kazanowska, S. Stegmaier, A. N. Békássy, E. Koscielniak
  The use of anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody labeled with a radioisotope (Zevalin) in the treatment of recurrent follicular lymphoma - a case report
T. Wróbel, G. Mazur, D. Jędrzejuk, M. Biedroń, R. Badowski, K. Kuliczkowski
Irradiation techniques
  A new method of targeted intraoperative radiotherapy using the orthovoltage photon radiosurgery system
J. Wydmański, L. Miszczyk, R. Suwiński, B. Mąka, A. Orlef, A. Bekman, S. Półtorak, Z. Maniakowski, W. Majewski, S. Blamek, B. Woźniakowska, K. Olejnik, B. Maciejewski
Review article
  Treatment of patients with locally advanced and metastatic bladder cancer
B. Gliński, J. Urbański, M. Mituś
  Undergraduate teaching of oncology
R. Matkowski, J. Kornafel, R. Kordek
Sources to the history of oncology
  Statute of the Anticancer Committee, Wilno 1932 335
In memoriam
  Professor Kaido P. Hanson. Obituary 338
Letter to the Editor
  The birth of medical standard?
W. Chmielarczyk, A. Pruszyński
Reports 341
  A. Szawłowski
Current events in Polish oncology 342
Journal Club 344
Announcements 350

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