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Contents 2001;51(2):113-226

Original contributions
  Therapy of radiation damage to normal tissues with selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2.1. YM177 tends to reduce mouse mortality from the haemopoietic syndrome -1.
I. Tamanoi, M. Itoh, H. Joshima, T. Haya, A.S. Michalowski
  Efficacy of gemcitabine in patients with non-resectable pancreatic cancer: prospective clinical studies
T. Popiela, B. Kędra, M. Sierżęga
  Quantitative evaluation of setup deviations during the course of pelvic irradiation with 4 fields box technique
A. Dąbrowski, P. Kukołowicz, E. Sadowska
  Metachronous bilateral breast cancer - a comparison of clinical and histopathological features of the first and of the second primary cancer
J. Piekarski
  Radiotherapy of squamous celi cancer metastases from unknown primary site to neck lymph nodes
W. Sąsiadek, K. Składowski, A. Wygoda, A. Mucha, B. Pilecki, M. Syguła
  Radiotherapy for local recurrences of endometrial cancer after surgery and vaginal brachytherapy
G. Panek, J. Zieliński, G. Kamińska, R. Krynicki
  Disseminated epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of the liver - a case report and review of the literature
A. Lemieszek, D. Bręborowicz, E. Wójcik, J. Załuski
Invited review
  Bone disease and bisphosphonates in multiple myeloma
M. Kraj
Review article
  Managment and prognosis of breast cancer patients with brian metastases - review of literature
M. Grudzień-Kowalska, J. Gałecki, J. Hicer-Grzenkowicz
History of oncology
  The opinions of ancient physicians on the cause, course and treatment of cancer
J. Lachs
In memoriam
  Prof. Aleksandr Niezabitowski in memoriam
J. Skołyszewski
Varia litteraria 179
Book reviews 185
  J. Dziukowa
Letter to the Editor 189
  R. Wiraszka, P. Karolewski
Reports 192
  A. Komorowski, W. Wysocki
Current events in Polish oncology 202
Announcements 206
Journal Club 211

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