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Contents 2000;50(5):457-578

Editorial 457
  A. Hliniak
Original contributions
  What is the dose-limiting for altered radiotherapy for head and neck cancers - facts and doubts
B. Maciejewski, K. R. Trott, L. Miszczyk, R. Tarnawski, T. Rutkowski
  Postoperative radiotherapy in 131 patients with glioblastoma multiforme: the single institution experience
L. Kępka, J. Fijuth, E. Wasilewska-Teśluk, C. Leszczyk
  Telomerase as a marker of tumour development - analysis of telomerase expression and activity
J. Nowak, K. Lewandowski, K. Nowicka-Kujawska, M. Pernak, D. Januszkiewicz
  Electron microscopic and immunohistochemical analysis of neuroendocrine features in lung tumors
M. Maksymowicz, W. Olszewski, A. Pietraszek, E. Kulczycka, D. Szczypiorska-Wrede
  Prognostic factors in adult non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients
E. Jabłońska
  Effectiveness of cyproheptadine in the management of delayed vomiting after cisplatin-based chemotherapy and the assessment of the influence of cyproheptadine on ąuality of life
P. Koralewski, L Nawara, M. Marczak-Ziętkiewicz, W. Cegielski
Nowotwory interview
  with prof. B. Maciejewski 504
Invited article
  Studies on the Nijmegen breakage syndrome offer an insight into the mechanisms of tumour development resulting from defects of DNA double-strand break repair
J. Steffen, J. K. Siwicki
Discussion forum
  How often may medical literature be a source of incorrect clinical decisions
K. Bujko, W. Michalski, M. P. Nowacki
Review articles
  Hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer risk in view of recent studies
E. Bednaruk-Młyński, J. Wójcik-Tomaszewska, J. Jassem
  Mechanisms of cytostatic activity of new purine analogues
A. Szmigielska-Kapłon, T. Robak
  Postmastectomy breast reconstruction: 15 years of experiencies of the Warsaw
E. Towpik
History of oncology
  Lip cancer, breast cancer and ,,cancer ulcers" in Józef Czekierski's treatise ,,Surgery" (1817-18)
J. Lenartowicz
In memoriam 541
  A. Hliniak
Book reviews 543
  J. Komafel
Reports 553
  R. Krajewski
Current events in Polish oncology 558
Announcements 559
Journal Club 562

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